Parental Readiness

Parental Readiness

A mother often knows when something is wrong with her child. If the problem is physical, she takes the child to a doctor. However, if the problem is a suboptimal functioning of the child’s brain, where does she turn for help?

This is my story. My second daughter was a non-verbal autistic child until the age of 5 years old. By the age of five, her development was significantly delayed, couldn’t talk nor process auditory information.

Being a medical mum, I was frustrated at being unable to provide answers to my questions. Daily I asked, what am I not seeing? why can’t I help my child?

I had my fair share of being on the long waiting list, private interventions, unending expenses, multiple therapies, grief, and a lengthy tribunal proceeding all in the bid to help my child.

Of all the therapies I did, the integration of the primitive reflex gave the best outcome. I became increasingly fascinated by the potential this therapy and decided to build my expertise to becoming a reflex integration consultant.

With the integration of my daughters primitive reflexes, I witnessed a significant and life changing improvement in my daughter’s language, auditory processing, and executive function skills. She is a thriving independent friendly girl within a main school setting.

A jaw dropping miracle to everyone.

I provide strategic advice, insight and clarification to individuals and family leveraging my personal experience in neurodivergent issues, medical knowledge and expertise.

I do so under a personalized coaching programme focused on, active listening, provision of comprehensive assessments, bespoke recommendations and signposting. 

 As a result of the demand on my time, I can only provide my services under the plan below when booked in advance.

(4 hrs - £200)

  • Here you will learn about the essential knowledge and actions necessary for a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and blissful post-partum period.
  • Expanded knowledge about vaccination and immunization.
  • Prevention and detection of common illness that young children experience in the first 5 years of their lives, what to look out for and how to get help.
  • Information on more serious childhood conditions, CHILDHOOD RED FLAGS, what to look out for and how to get help.
  • Knowledge regarding primitive reflexes and ensuring your child is well integrated.