Parental Mentorship

Parental Mentorship

My target group is families with a child with neurodivergent disorder.

Do you have a child with unexpected behaviours? Do you feel OVERWHELMED with not knowing where to start or the best method to help?

Do you feel EXHAUSTED or even feel hopeless trying to find the missing piece in your child development and overall learning growth?

Are you frustrated with EXPENSIVE programs that are only helping your child/children make SMALL strides?

You find yourself thinking… “I’m not seeing the changes I want to see”, “Is it even possible for my child to progress any more than they already have?”

Building the RIGHT foundation to fill those gaps takes work and timely knowledge and trying to figure it out alone will leave you feeling, exhausted, lost, frustrated and hopeless.

My goal is to work with serious-minded care giver or parent to a child with additional needs, coaching them one-on-one for a period of 3 months.

Attachment Disorder

These are children unable to socialize, make friends or bond with carers due to a failure of attachment with primary care givers in early childhood.


These are children with the inability to pay attention to the point that it disrupts relationship and learning. They can be hyperactive or distractible, or both.


These are children who lack the ability to communicate as expected, interact socially and often associated with repetitive rigid behaviours e.g., clapping hands, humming or screaming.

Asperger's Syndrome

They are the “little professors”. They are often precociously intelligent but fixated on their areas of interest yet unable to socialise with others.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

These are children who display hostile and defiant behaviour aimed at authority figures. They can be confrontational and unable to follow school rules.

Conduct Disorder

These are accompanied by aggressive and destructive behavior which is difficult to tame. A child who is always angry and hitting peers.

Each family will have direct access to me. It will be an exclusive weekly consultation, offering 360-degree mentoring. We will discuss the diagnosis, educational plan, family dynamics, finances, and everything else that the neurodivergent journey entails. All questions are welcome. We will create symmetry as I share very practical strategies towards easing the burden of care from my wealth of experience as a medical doctor and a mother to a child with ASD. I will share step by step details of my transformational journey of my non-verbal ASD daughter to a verbal thriving girl.

You don’t need to be in the United Kingdom to work with me.  Every session will be done online via Zoom.

Although the programme is fully subscribed for the year, if you think having me as a mentor will still be of benefit to you, please join the waitlist by clicking the button belowI will be in touch if a slot opens.

Kindly note that the family mentoring programme attracts a financial commitment of 500 pounds (exclusive of VAT) for selected individuals. This is to separate the serious from the eventful. I will select individuals who place value on the programme and my expertise.

Once you fill out the form, you will receive an email from me, IF YOU ARE SELECTED. Private messages or reminders should not be sent, please. Only selected individuals will be contacted.