Kids Autobiography Club

Kids Autobiography Club

For 6 months myself and 25 kids have learnt about various icons and world leaders.

A biography describes the life events that a person has gone through, the mindset, the circumstances, the decisions, the struggles, the failures, the mistakes, the relationship, the work ethic, the dedication, the sacrifices that have given the ripened fruit they got afterward.

Reading these biographies gave us a first-hand account of the icon and a better insight into how their experiences shaped them.

We described their life events, mind-set, peculiar circumstances, decisions, struggles, failures, mistakes, relationships, work ethics, dedication, and the sacrifices that made them remarkable.

Bi-monthly, each child reads and prepares a PowerPoint presentation. For 90 minutes, we engaged in an in-depth exploration of a remarkable person, fitting into areas such as sports, arts, history, technology, and science.

Together, we explore the details of their success and challenges. We outline reasons the efforts are worthy of emulation. We appreciate amazing research findings and inventions and how their work has improved humanity.

We identify existing gaps as a muse for inspiration. So far, we have learned about icons such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Althea Gibson, Junko Tabei, Thomas Edison, and a host of others.

We aim to anchor vital lessons covering the following domains:

  • Perseverance towards achieving our goals.
  • Independence in the pursuit of purpose without being influenced by peers.
  • The ability to spot good teammates to collaborate with.
  • The ability to take personal responsibility and accountability for your choices and actions.
  • How to deal with failure.
  • How to develop and sustain a resilient and success-driven lifestyle
  • Confidence